Jon and Brett will be with you all the way, guiding you through the process and making it as easy as possible to find strategic solutions.

Jon Clarke’s Testimonials

I have worked with Jon for more than 30 years. He is a lateral thinker with a great depth of commercial knowledge and experience ideally suited to assist parties resolve commercial disputes or facilitate discussions to finalise a commercial transaction.

Jon’s interpersonal skills put parties at ease which assists the process.

Jon’s knowledge, experience and communication skills assisted ASC with its probity obligations in the submarine and frigate competitive evaluation process.

Bruce Carter

Chairman, ASC

Jon’s mix of commercial and legal experience, together with his excellent communication skills, have been of great assistance to parties needing to distil out the real issues requiring resolution in developing settlement options. Jon’s broad legal knowledge and calm demeanour also provide parties with great confidence in the often heated environment surrounding commercial and family negotiations.

In my experience, Jon will always explore a solution rather than a costly escalation of a dispute or commercial impasse.

John Kerr

Director, Capital Strategies / Capital Family Office

Jon’s broad range of commercial experience, particularly in areas of disputes in contractual matters such as construction, corporate, partnership, family succession or inheritance, greatly assists parties to come to a resolution.

Jon has a great skill in being able to engage with the parties and to assist them to focus on achieving an outcome. His long experience as a commercial lawyer is very evident in a mediation where he has always demonstrated a sound grasp of the issues in play and a capacity to find solutions which might not even have been immediately apparent to the parties or their advisors.

Andrew Harris QC

Chairman, ASC

Jon has extensive commercial and legal experience in dispute resolution.

Whether court processes, arbitration or mediation, his legal experience and his commercial acumen make him ideally suited to assist parties in a variety of different ways, whether it be by way of facilitation, mediation or structured negotiation, so as to achieve a commercial outcome that is satisfactory to all parties.

Patrick O’Sullivan QC

Brett Cowell’s Testimonials

I have worked with Brett Cowell on projects both regional and global in scope. He has the skill and vision to formulate and carry out strategic goals. He also possesses the tenacity to master the details to achieve those goals.

I have been impressed by his reservoir of knowledge about Australian business and law. Brett delivers these capabilities to clients from around the world.

Michael Murphy

Carter Conboy, New York, USA

Brett is the kind of guy you would like on your side as an advisor.

He is the type of lawyer whom you can rely on in any issue; business-minded, authoritative and having integrity. 

Gabor Damjanovi

Forgo, Damjanovic & Partners Law Firm, Hungary, Europe

Bridgestone has sought Brett’s advice many times. We trust him. He has a deep understanding of our business, knows where we are coming from and what we aim to achieve. He is a very capable man. 

Brett has a deep understanding of our business and international business, with enormous capability to advise in this many areas.

Andrew Moffatt

Managing Director, Bridgestone Australia Ltd, Adelaide, Australia

I’ve been seeking advice from Brett for a long time. Our company has been acquired, purchased other businesses, been active internationally and relocated offices. Because of this, our parent company legal advisors have changed, but I have always referred to Brett for complicated matters. 

Brett knows our business. I don’t have to explain it. He understands our genesis and has a deep level of knowledge that provides continuity. He just knows where we are at, how far to push, what we stand for and our principals. 

Glen Simpson

Group Executive, Coffey International Limited, Adelaide, Australia