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CC Strategic Advisory is a corporate and commercial advisory firm. We work with our clients to create a better future and help them navigate through numerous business choices and challenges to arrive at a solution that is best suited to their needs.

We are a boutique firm specialising in a range of corporate, commercial and family business advisory services and have extensive experience and expertise relating to analysing, negotiating and completing corporate and commercial transactions, corporate governance and strategy issues, tender and probity matters, family business matters and negotiated and mediated dispute resolution. Jon Clarke and Brett Cowell are the principals of CC Strategic Advisory.

Brett Cowell and Jon Clarke.

Jon Clarke and Brett Cowell are the principals of CC Strategic Advisory.

Jon Clarke
is an experienced probity advisor, mediator, facilitator, arbitrator and commercial negotiator. He advises clients in complex commercial and financial transactions. He assists businesses with corporate turnaround and risk management strategies and advises clients on tender and probity design and compliance.

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Brett Cowell
is an experienced advisor on corporate and business strategy, corporate and commercial transactions, board and shareholder related issues and governance matters.

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CC Strategic Advisory assists parties to:

  • resolving commercial disputes without resorting to protracted and expensive litigation 
  • facilitating family business / succession discussions with a focus on putting in place formal family arrangements or structured family advisory board processes
  • facilitating the negotiation and finalisation of corporate and commercial transactions 
  • assisting companies and businesses in the development and review of strategy 
  • advising chairs and boards on and facilitating reviews of board composition, performance, procedures, succession and shareholder matters 
  • advising business owners on structure, succession and ownership related matters 
  • financially growing and restructuring corporations and businesses 
  • identifying and managing commercial areas of risk and insurance 
  • designing and managing probity and procurement programs to ensure compliance and avoid accidentally corrupting the process
  • conducting probity and procurement reviews 


Mediation / Arbitration / Facilitation

CC Strategic Advisory assists companies, family businesses and individuals to quickly identify issues at the core and will proactively work with the parties to find a way to resolve them.

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Board Advisory and Family Succession

CC Strategic Advisory can facilitate family boards, companies and SMEs to design a process and, if required, assist the parties to resolve disputes, issues or find workable solutions.

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Financial Restructuring and Risk Management

CC Strategic Advisory uses their corporate and legal experience to review and identify structural and operational risks.

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Professional Services, Management and Consultancy

CC Strategic Advisory can facilitate family boards and professional service providers with strategic advice and structuring.

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CC Strategic Advisory’s unique combination of commercial and legal expertise ideally supports government departments and companies to put in place a robust probity plan and process, if required, and assist with regular reviews for compliance.

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Corporate and Commercial Transactions

CC Strategic Advisory assists both bidders/acquirers and targets/sellers in preparing for or defending commercial transactions.

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Board structuring and performance

CC Strategic Advisory can assist chairs and boards on board structuring and board performance matters.

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Shareholder matters

CC Strategic Advisory has a lot of experience in addressing shareholder matters which enables us to assist in discussions with and resolve disputes concerning shareholders.

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Jon and Brett will be with you all the way, guiding you through the process and making it as easy as possible to find strategic solutions.

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